Frequently Asked Questions

Providing services throughout Gainesville, Lake City, and Northeast Florida

What ages do you treat?
We treat Speech/Language/ Voice and Swallow Evaluations to all ages, children and adults.
What services do you offer?
• Stroboscopy video of voice evaluation
• Fiberendoscopic Swallowing Evaluation
• Gender Congruent & Voice Feminization Services
• Feeding Evaluation (Pediatric)
• Occupational Therapy Evaluation & Treatment
• Head & Neck Lymphedema Evaluation & Treatment
What insurance providers do we work with?
• Medicare
• Railroad Medicare
• UHC plans including Medicaid/Community Care
• Humana including Humana Medicaid
• Staywell CMS Wellcare
• Tricare
Can you help with insurance?
Yes, we have a billing department that works with each individual to review their benefits prior to the start of therapy. We also work with JKI Medical Solutions: Desheba Rutledge, RHIT,
What if my insurance is out of network?
• If your plan includes out of network we do provide out of network services to the following companies; Aetna, Avmed, and Cigna.
• We also work with your insurance company to offer a contracting service for in network benefits if they are willing to complete with our company.
What if my insurance plan excludes speech therapy?
• We offer affordable self-pay rates; pediatric evaluation of speech, language, and feeding, as well as Adult evaluation of speech, language, are all offered at $150.
• A self-pay 30-minute session is $50
• A self-pay 45-minute session is $75
What can I do to help my voice?
Complete an evaluation with your team to determine what are the factors causing a change within the voice quality. Is your pitch range decreased? Are you hoarse? Does the voice fatigue throughout the day? Do you feel strained?
What is vocal hygiene?
Vocal hygiene is caring for your voice everyday just like you care for the remainder of your body! Your speech pathologist will review with you adequate hydration, review of caffeine intake, review of current medical diagnosis reflux and treatments prescribed by your physician, vocal use and abuse.
Why do I clear my throat all day long?
Throat clearing may be occurring for a reason. After evaluation, your speech pathologist and physician can recommend the next steps to decrease this habit in your daily life.

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