Pediatric Feeding and Therapy

Provided throughout Gainesville, Lake City, and Northeast Florida

My child has a feeding tube what is next?

Let’s start therapy. Children with feeding tube may or may not be drinking or eating by mouth. Often if they are there is a limited repertoire of foods, liquids or trials the child is willing to take by mouth. We will evaluate these challenges and begin to incorporate evidence-based therapy targeting the difficulties.


My child was intubated or in the NICU for an extended period of time when should I begin therapy?

We believe in a proactive approach! Our skilled therapy team will work with you and your child to begin a home daily regimen to help decrease any oral aversions, patterns or behaviors you see during feeding.


Mealtime is so stressful! Can you help?

Yes potentially! We work closely with you to determine why is your child not eating a particular consistency, food, flavor. We evaluate the child’s skills and discuss the next steps in ensuring that your child has undergone adequate work up before stating this is a behavioral issue! We work closely with your team of physicians to share our findings and your concerns.


Reading Therapy and Auditory Processing Therapy

Our therapist are trained in modalities of approaches that address the whole child. These approaches incorporate and include seeing, feeling and doing. Trainings include Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing and more.


We believe that each child learns in a different way. We work with your child’s team of teaches, SLPs at school, intervention and reading specialist to identify how can we support the child’s success and development during the summer and after school.


We complete comprehensive evaluations to determine the next step in your child’s treatment.

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